Continuous Data Protection

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For backing up and recovering data, tape is a reliability and manageability nightmare. Now there’s a smarter, simpler, more automated way to protect your data: SonicWALL® Continuous Data Protection (CDP). SonicWALL’s disk-based CDP solution lets you easily and continuously backup your data and instantly recover previous versions. Data can be secured locally, and in addition, can be backed up to an offsite location as well. SonicWALL CDP works in real-time to automatically backup all your servers—file, Exchange, SQL database and application—as well as laptops and PCs. SonicWALL CDP only backs up block level differences within each file, then compresses them without slowing network performance. By enabling SonicWALL’s Bare Metal Recovery service, you can also easily restore operating system files, programs, databases, and settings.

To learn more about SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection solutions that can give your data a deeper level of protection, pleaseview our free Backup and Recovery flash video and learn why tape backup is hazardous to your data.

Or, to find out which of the SonicWALL CDP appliances (1440i, 2440i, 3440i, and 4440i) are right for your situation, please click on the Model Specifications link below.

SonicWALL shipped its one millionth appliance in Q1 of 2007. SonicWALL's appliances and their corresponding tens of millions of users serve as a collaborative intelligence network that provides specific information about new threats as they are experienced, enabling SonicWALL's ongoing improvement of its defenses against the malware environment.